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Smith-Watkins Additional Leadpipes
Smith-Watkins Additional Interchangeable Cornet Leadpipes.

Price: $485.00

The Soloist interchangeable leadpipes come in 9 different sizes. Each size can give the player the feel and sound specific for each players needs and requirements. Gold plated with lever water key. _______________________________________________________ The leadpipes come in 3 different categories: G, K and T. Below is a description of each model - ranging from smallest to largest. _______________________________________________________ G Series: These pipes have a crisp, bright sound. They are particularly useful for upper register work or, used in conjunction with a larger mouthpiece, can ride over a large ensemble. G0 & G2 - smaller pipes for players who require a lighter sound with ease of playing. G4 - a larger pipe for the same ease of playing but with a fuller sound. _______________________________________________________ K Series: The K series gives the same ease of playing as the G series, but with a mellower sound. Due to their flexibility, these are a popular choice with soloists and tutti cornet players. K0 - smaller pipes with a larger sound. K2 - a slightly larger pipe. A good all-around pipe, ideal for soloists and tutti players and suitable for use in ensembles of all sizes. K4 - a large pipe suitable for soloists and tutti players with good stamina. _______________________________________________________ T Series: These pipes give a dark round sound, particularly in the lower register. Ideal for soloists. T0 & T2 - slightly smaller than the T4. Popular among principal players. T4 - a large pipe for those players with smaller mouthpieces or who require a darker sound. Also very useful for lower register tutti players. _______________________________________________________ Remember, each Soloist or Artiste cornet comes with one leadpipe. Additional leadpipes are priced above.

Item Number: Additional Leadpipes


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