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Denis Wick - Ultra Series
Denis Wick "Ultra" Series Gold Cornet Mouthpieces

Price: $104.99

Denis Wick has introduced a NEW line of cornet mouthpieces !!! Matching trumpet and cornet mouthpieces: a powerful symphonic trumpet mouthpiece based on the classic Mt. Vernon models, and a cornet mouthpiece designed to produce a sound which is ideal for orchestral cornet parts: powerful, clear and with plenty of projection, but without losing the traditional Denis Wick cornet tone quality that everyone is accustomed to. These mouthpieces are made with great precision with rims that match exactly, allowing players to change effortlessly between trumpet and cornet. Sizes that are available: 1 1/4C, 1 1/2CH, 1 1/2C, 3C, 5C and 7C.

Item Number: DW4281U


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