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Denis Wick Full Color Clip-On Tuner
Denis Wick Full Color Clip-On Tuner

Price: $19.95

The DW9008 is a clip-on tuner that will swivel and tilt to any position, making it the perfect tuner for clipping on to any brass instrument. It is extremely compact and has a full-color screen and transposes at a touch of a button to C, Bb, Eb, D or F, making it ideal for any transposing instrument including French horn or D trumpet. It has a pitch range from A = 430 to A = 450, so it is not only suitable for players who play at standard pitch of A = 440, but also for higher pitches found in Europe and Japan such as 442, 444 and 446. It can also be used for the ‘Classical’ pitch of 430 sometimes used by period instrument orchestras, and of course for any pitch between the two extremes. It is powered by one 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery, which is supplied. The DW9008 has an automatic facility to switch itself off if no sound is detected for three minutes, thus prolonging the battery life if you forget to turn it off. The screen displays a needle which indicates the pitch. If the tuning is correct the needle will be in the center of the screen and a blue color is shown. If the needle is to the left of the center the note (which will be indicated in the display) is flat and the screen turns yellow. If the needle is to the right it indicates the note is sharp and screen turns red. The display makes tuning your instrument very straightforward. The bright colors of the screen are very easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions. The tuner works by detecting the vibrations of the instrument, and is not disturbed by other sounds in the band room or concert venue. The DW9008 will only pick up your sounds, so it is suitable for use when a band or orchestra are tuning up, as it will only relay the pitch information from your instrument. As well as working for brass instruments the DW9008 clip-on tuner also works for saxophone. Just clip it on the instrument and use the indicator on the screen to find the correct pitch. The DW9008 is accurate to an incredible ± 1%.

Item Number: DWA9008

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