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Paxman French Horn Mouthpiece
Silver Plated Paxman French Horn Mouthpiece

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DW – Paxman mouthpieces ‘Some time ago, Paxman Director and LSO principal horn, Tim Jones, was approached by Denis Wick with a view to developing a range of horn mouthpieces based on the principles underlying Wick’s ‘Heritage’ range. This principle is based on a late 19th century design, where the cup wall is very thin near the mouthpiece rim, combined with the new idea to have substantially more mass lower down the cup. Whilst Denis Wick had established that the principle worked exceptionally well on horn mouthpieces, they wanted Tim’s and Paxman’s help and expertise in refining the various combinations of cup and rim. The concept was tried using some existing Paxman and Denis Wick mouthpieces as models for the internal shape, but changing the external profile. The result was amazing! The mouthpieces had an immediate, easy response, particularly in the high register, a smooth legato and a sound rich in overtones over the whole range. After substantial testing, a range of 7 models was produced, based on the Paxman 3B, 4B, the Wick 5N, 6N and 7N and some other traditional style cups. ______________________________________________________ While the look of the mouthpiece is a big departure from the traditional ‘funnel’ shape of other mouthpieces, the internal sizes and rim profiles are completely standard. In a world where to stand out from the crowd is sometimes not easy, we very much feel that the benefits of this design make it worthwhile to dare to be different!’

Item Number: DWPAX


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