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J. Packer JP254SW/S Professional Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
John Packer #JP254SW/S Professional Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

Price: $1,592.00

The JP254SW aims to provide advanced students with an affordable yet high performing piccolo trumpet. This instrument is best suited for orchestral repertoire but can also be found within brass ensembles. Developed in collaboration with Dr Richard Smith of highly acclaimed trumpet designers and manufacturers Smith-Watkins, the JP254SW builds on the performance of the JP154 adding a number of key additional features. An extended warranty is available on all series 2 instruments. Register your instrument for an additional 12 months parts and labor guarantee. For further information visit our warranty information page. _______________________________________________________ Models: JP254SW Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet (Lacquer) JP254SW Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet (Silverplate) Spec: Key: Bb/A Body: High Grade 80:20 Brass Bore: .450" M Bell: 3.9" High Grade 80:20 Brass Valves: 4 Monel piston valves Waterkeys: 1 Finishes: Lacquer or Silverplate Additional features: 1st valve slide trigger, 3rd valve slide finger ring, Smith-Watkins designed leadpipe, 4 shanks (2 cornet & 2 trumpet) Supplied with: JP851 Pro Double trumpet case, 7C trumpet mouthpiece, 4B cornet mouthpiece

Item Number: JP254SW


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