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J. Packer JP321 Bb Grenadilla Wood Clarinet
John Packer #JP321 Bb Grenadilla Wood Clarinet

Price: $1,403.00

New to the JP range, the JP321 reaches new performance heights. The beautiful wooden body produces a warm and centered sound that is flexible between leaps of register. This clarinet is responsive, and capable of creating an accomplished performance by speaking well in both loud and exceedingly quiet dynamics. This advanced student model excels at playing both the quick virtuoso runs, and smooth lyrical passages required for the higher grades. These are made easily on the new smooth, high grade silverplated keywork. This instrument definitely challenges some of the more well established wooden models in performance terms, but at a greatly reduced cost, making it an ideal option for the advancing player. _______________________________________________________ Models: JP321 Bb Clarinet (Grenadilla Wood) Spec: Key: Bb Body: Grenadilla Wood Keywork: High Grade Silverplate, 17 keys, 6 rings Finishes: Wooden Additional features: New cupped pad technology, Adjustable thumb rest with sling hook receiver supplied with: lightweight JP case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap, accessory pack

Item Number: JP321

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