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J. Packer JP342 Professional Bb Tenor Sax
John Packer #JP342 Professional Bb Tenor Sax

Price: $3,535.00

New to the John Packer range, the JP342 is our flagship model combining years of manufacturing knowledge and skill into a brand new innovative design. This new saxophone is capable of professional level performances, allowing the player the express themselves freely with a full and rich sound that can be projected easily. The JP342 with its reliability and affordability has the capability of taking the saxophone world by storm. Tuning on the JP342 is impeccable throughout the different registers, no doubt due to the revolutionary new C# venting key, making this instrument accurate and reliable in all situations. Players will instantly notice how responsive and stable the tone is in both extremely loud and quiet dynamics. This saxophone is very stylish, adopting a tri-point bell brace featuring the JP logo which offers incredible resistance to damage. The 85% red copper rose brass bell, bow, body and crook of the JP342R adds extra warmth and dimension to the sound as well as a very appealing finish to the saxophone. Manufactured to a high quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments, The JP342 Bb Tenor Saxophone is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty manufacturing or materials and is fully tested prior to sale. An extra extended warranty is available on all series 3 instruments. Register your instrument for an additional 24 months parts guarantee and additional 12 months labor guarantee. For further information visit our warranty information page. _______________________________________________________ Models: JP342 Bb Tenor Saxophone (Lacquer) JP342R Bb Tenor Saxophone (Rose Brass) Spec: Key: Bb Body: Brass Keywork: Low Bb to high F#, Genuine German-made blue steel springs, Pivot screws, genuine Italian leather pads and metal reflective piece, floating plate design with rocking table action for little finger (left hand) cluster Bell: Brass, fully ribbed construction Finishes: Lacquer, Rose Brass Additional features: New C# venting key, adjustable thumb rest, lyre box, Tri-point balanced bell brace supplied with: JP mouthpiece, hard plastic wheeled case with spring loaded handles, mouthpiece cap, ligature, JP reed and supportive sling.

Item Number: JP342

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