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J. Packer JP379CC Sterling Professional C Tuba
John Packer #JP379CC Sterling Professional C Tuba

Price: $6,577.00

The NEW JP379CC Sterling tuba build on the already popular JP Sterling range of tubas by offering a large bore, C model with unparalleled performance and affordability! Designed and constructed in collaboration with Sterling Musical Instruments, the JP379CC features an exclusive Sterling leadpipe and benefits from Sterling's manufacturing expertise. _______________________________________________________ Constructed of high grade 80:20 brass and with a large bell, this model boasts a unique, warm and well-rounded tone. It is a full 4/4 size CC tuba and has 5 valves - 4 piston and 1 rotary. _______________________________________________________ Also available in silverplate - JP379CCS Sterling.

Item Number: JP379CC Sterling

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