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Sterling Virtuoso Deluxe Professional Euphonium - Model 4
Sterling Virtuoso "Deluxe" Professional Euphonium - Model 4, with Heavy Red Brass Bell, Tuning Slide Trigger, Gold Plated Slides & Fittings and Heavy Bottom Valve Caps - Silver Finish

Price: $7,372.00

The Sterling Virtuoso "Deluxe" Professional Model 4 features all the bells and whistles! The Model 4 offers the finest craftsmanship and professional quality, for any top line euphonium on the market today! And....all at the lowest price anywhere! A truly great value for the best professional euphonium that money can buy. _______________________________________________________ The Model 4 features a heavy 12" red brass bell, tuning slide trigger, gold plated slides and fittings and heavy bottom valve caps - finish of the instrument is silver plate.

Item Number: Model 4

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