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Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube
Ultra-Pure Professional Trombone Slide Lube. 1 oz. Bottle

Price: $5.25

Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube has the perfect balance of speed, smoothness, and endurance. It goes on easily and does not build up. It does not separate under hot or freezing conditions. A few drops on each stocking and a few drops on the upper part of the slide is all you will need for several days of playing. The NEW FORMULA is now shipping! Really wonderful glide on all types of slides. If you like it lighter and faster, just pop off the dropper tip and add 7 ml (1.5 teaspoons) of water to a new-formula bottle, then snap the tip back in and shake it up. This works great on very tight slides or for jazz tenors that want to play with very fast technique - See more at: http://www.ultrapureoils.com/shop/trombone-slide-lube/#sthash.P4v7Bc1v.dpuf

Item Number: UPO-TROM

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